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Welcome to IPM Systems 

IPM Systems is a leading manufacturer and systems integrator of material process and conveyance systems specializing in efficient and accurate cost reduction technology. We have a rich history providing state-of-the-art custom engineered solutions to accommodate a vast variety of industrial applications serving the bulk solids, water, and waste water industries. Our product line consists of two-part silos, polymer systems, volumetric feeders, lime slakers, bulk bag systems, and tube conveyors satisfying a diverse range of unique applications.

We offer immediate start up and commissioning, ease of serviceability, specific accuracy, in-house quality control, testing and assembly, optional on-site project management, adaptability to unique applications, and improved lead-times.

IPM is committed to being a value driven organization providing higher standards of precision workmanship, overall product quality, and control. From our roots as Chemical Metering Systems in 1989 through the acquisition of intellectual property from EnPro Technologies and Auger Feeders, LTD in late October 2013 IPM has put in place a professional; solutions driven team to provide a greater ROI to our dedicated customers. Twenty-six years of proven product and system knowledge combined with customer focused ownership means IPM Systems is Your Complete Solutions Provider. 

News from IPM Systems

GAWP Annual Conference & Expo

- 07/07/16

Stop by our Booth #309 with Corban Services next week and learn about our products in chlorination and chemical feed.


Closed Memorial Day

- 05/26/16

IPM Systems will be closed on Monday May 30th in observance of Memorial Day. We would like to thank those that have served and sacrificed for our country! We will return to our regular business hours on Tuesday May 31st.


Video from IPM Systems

IPM Systems Product Video

Want to replace the tooling on your IPM Feeder?

Replacing the Tooling (Auger, Overwind, and Spout) on the IPM auger feeder is easier and faster than any other on the market. We understand that down time and maintenance on equipment is costly for our customers. With our feeder, that down time is reduced and you are back up and running in no time.

IPM Systems Product Video

How to Replace the Mechanical Seal. 

Check out this step by step walk through on how to install a new mechanical seal in the ParaDyne Polymer Activation Chamber.


IPM Systems Blog

6 Features to look for in your next Bulk Bag Discharge System

Thu Jul 21, 2016

Selecting the best bulk bag discharge system for your plant or process line can be a daunting task. You want to be sure it will be a reliable investment that will be safe and efficient for your operators and provide a quick return on investment for the business. So, here are a few features that are a must have when selecting your new bulk bag discharge system.


5 Reasons to use a Barracuda Volumetric Feeder

Wed Jul 6, 2016

Metering or Dispensing product from a volumetric screw feeder is common throughout the bulk solids industry. Accuracy, dependability, and ease of maintenance, are all high on the checklist when plant managers are deciding on what equipment to invest in.