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What happens when you build a company around the question, “What if?”

The short answer is, you get a company like VeloDyne. Our products deliver superior results because of our almost obsessive nature for optimizing everything that goes into designing, building, installing and supporting our systems. We are driven by a deep understanding of maximizing polymer activation, chemical processing and bulk solids handling, and how this relates to industrial process and to water and wastewater treatment as a whole. We also know what’s important to the people behind the systems, which heavily influences everything we do. When something isn’t right, we look to fix the problem. When everything’s working smoothly, we look for ways to make things work better. It’s just who we are, and it’s an approach to business that has served our founder and president, Paul Plache, well for more than 30 years in the industry.

Video from IPM Systems

IPM Systems Product Video

Want to replace the tooling on your IPM Feeder?

Replacing the Tooling (Auger, Overwind, and Spout) on the IPM auger feeder is easier and faster than any other on the market. We understand that down time and maintenance on equipment is costly for our customers. With our feeder, that down time is reduced and you are back up and running in no time.

IPM Systems Product Video

How to Replace the Mechanical Seal. 

Check out this step by step walk through on how to install a new mechanical seal in the ParaDyne Polymer Activation Chamber.


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